Elevate your customer support with VoyagerAid chatbot 

Understand traveler sentiment at the moment, learn from it, and deliver faster and better solutions for support requests across all channels. 


Automate up to 80% of customer support requests, with a human touch

With AI, you can create compelling customer support experiences that will help you retain more customers. With most of the generic support requests and tickets being resolved by the chatbot in a matter of minutes, your support executives can personally handle the most challenging of traveler queries and issues, leading to a seamless and pain-free experience for customers. 

VoyagerAid chatbot Impact 


drop-in support requests


rise in customer satisfaction over 3 months


dop in support costs across the board

VoyagerAid - Built for maximum impact

Guarantee lightning-fast issue resolutions 

Your travelers want immediate results, especially when they've resumed travel after nearly two years. With our easy-to-use platform, you can create countless use cases for helping your customers with instantaneous, automated responses. Customers can serve themselves with the Knowledge Base feature, where you can store the answers to common questions. 

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Boost revenue with data-driven upselling 

The AI chatbot can automatically identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, such as flight class upgrades and convey them to your customers during conversations. Given that the chatbot does this pitching naturally and when the customer finds the offer appealing, it will go a long way in optimizing your travel businesses' revenue.  

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Deliver personalized support 

Our AI-powered chatbot makes each traveler feel acknowledged as if they have their own travel agent attending to their needs. Notably, with Natural language processing technology, the virtual assistant can help your customers every step of the way, including with minor booking issues, last-minute travel plan changes, and even the latest information regarding travel and health policies of the places they are visiting.

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Retain customers with 24X7 omnichannel support

The chatbot is always available at your customers' disposal throughout the year, which will enhance customer experience because travelers need instant resolutions. Not just that, your customers will get personalized resolutions, trips, and offers on their preferred communication channel—be it phone, email, company website, or social media. As a result, they will think twice about switching to other travel providers. 

The gold standard in AI travel chatbots